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We are tactical gear specialists, aiming to provide you with the most durable, tested, and proven products on the market.  Everything we sell, we use ourselves, so we understand how important quality and craftsmanship is.

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Why Deimos?

By now, most people know the story of Leonidas, Warrior king of the Spartans who at the battle of Thermopylae proved that better equipment, discipline and tactics are far more effective than numbers, on a battlefield.

On his shield, Leonidas bore an image of Deimos, the son of War God, Ares. Just as Leonidas looked to Deimos then, you can look to Deimos now.

DDG is dedicated to assisting the modern skirmisher, warrior, war-fighting S-O-Bs in mission critical situations by developing, sourcing, and testing products aimed to assist our military, law enforcement, federal agencies and citizens for SHTF situations.
We cover the trifecta of needs for every warrior- Equipment through our product lines, Discipline through our warrior workouts and educational seminars about proper weapon safety, and Tactics through our online training seminars and blogs on tactical maneuvers, shooting tips, and much more.
The meaning of 
“ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ (Molon Labe)”
When the Persians asked the Spartans to lay down their weapons at the start of the Battle of Thermopylae, the Leonidas  replied by shouting “Molon Labe” translated- “Come and take them”.
The term has since resonated throughout history, being used by many generals and politicians to express a determination not to surrender.

The meaning is more than just words, it is a testament to the unrelenting perseverance of those who are unwilling to allow aggressors to harm.

A motto for those who don’t necessarily want to fight, but train for the day that they may need to, and make any fool who tries sorry to bring the fight to their doorstep.

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