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The Importance of Training

“ I shoot over 1000 rounds a month”, “I’ve always been a good shot, so why waste the ammo?”, “I don’t get to go shooting very often [while open carrying]”. Any of these sound familiar? Unfortunately I’ve heard them all, and more. Each of the statement above are good...

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The Pursuit of the Perfect EDC

Thumb around enough Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter accounts in the “pro 2nd” groups and you’re likely to see the term “EDC” (Every-Day Carry) quite a bit. This usually leads to people talking about what their EDC sidearm is, maybe some knives get brought up, occasional flashlights and even handcuff keys. Truth is, every person is going to have different EDC ideas, as it is personalized to the environment you find yourself in on a day to day basis. I, for example, carry my sidearm…

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The benefits of teaching a child to shoot

In the society we currently live in, it seems that there’s never a good time to say,” shooting guns can be great for kids”. What do I mean by that? Does it mean that handing a loaded submachine gun to a small child with no prior training is a good idea? Of course not...

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The Importance of Gun Education

Cars break down. Windows break. You lose a job, house, girlfriend, hell- a fucking lighter. Point being- shit happens. Personally, I’ve never known for anyone who WANTS those things to happen, but they do. However, some of the most influential and life changing...

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