GoPro Gun Mounts

Mikah Wilhite, Senior Tactition, US

12 July 2017

Sportsmen and women have been immortalizing their endeavors on film for over a century now and it’s no surprise that as the exhilaration and pace of sports has rocketed, so have the ways of capturing it on video.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last decade, you’ll have heard of GoPro, the revolutionary mountable camera that changed the action sports film industry.

These incredibly versatile cameras have allowed us to truly capture the thrill of both professional and amateur athletes doing what they do best. Why tell the action-packed story when you can show it?

WIth the popularity of the GoPro style action cameras, it’s natural that a vast selection of mounting platforms have emerged onto the market.

This eventually led to the emergence of mounts made for the sportsman, hunter and shooting competition markets. Read on to find out how these accessories can transform your experience into crisp, thrilling high-definition videos to show your friends and family.

Specification Overviews of Different Mounting Options for Hunters


The first product we’ll discuss is the classic Sportsman Mount. It includes all the necessary hardware to mount any GoPro camera to a fishing pole, shotgun or rifle. The package includes two skeleton backdoor mounts that stabilize the camera during recoil, center and side brackets and a user-friendly, screw clamp mounting bracket.

One of the best things about this bit of gear is that all the components, including the housing for your GoPro camera are painted in a matte black finish.

This avoids any unwanted glare or light reflection at critical moments preventing distractions for the shooter or giving away a shooters position to his/her prey (Flashing red lights and reflection off stainless steel buttons isn’t something you’re going to want when zeroing in on a skittish quarry).

Options include both the Cantilever GoPro Mount and the Picatinny Mount available in our shop.

Sportsman Mounts fits any 10mm – 23mm diameter barrels, fishing rod grips and bow components.

The screw on clamp mechanism means you’re pretty much guaranteed to be able to fit it onto your chosen equipment unless its proportions are wildly different from the majority of factory issue models.

The mount itself is made from a plastic polymer and, though a little on the chunky side, the material means that there’ll be little to no noticeable weight difference when taking aim.

We’re happy to report that this also in no way impedes the camera’s stability when factoring in recoil.

“The GoPro mount allows is extremely well built and allows me to capture all the action no matter where I’m at.”

Finally, for those of you who want to capture a full immersion experience or simply have extra footage to review your form, the Sportsman Mount allows to attach not one but two GoPro’s to your equipment.

Popular amongst professionals who either hunt or fish competitively, a front and back-facing camera means your footage can be reviewed by yourself and others to narrow down your successful techniques and ones that can be improved upon.

Not to mention it augments the first-person adrenaline-fueled experience on video to a whole new level and in recent years has allowed for some truly stunning footage to be caught on film.

GoPro mount can easily attach to any gun.

A testament to the versatility of these little devices is that they can be used in just about any scenario and the Sportsman Mount is no different.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a pro pheasant hunter or an Olympic archer – this accessory (and it’s price) don’t differentiate between hobby and profession.

Notable uses have been seen with rifles, shotguns, bows, airsoft guns, fishing rods and spear-guns. They’ve even been used with nets and on the front of boats.

As its popularity has grown, the Sportsman Mount has featured in a rising number of YouTube videos, our favorite of which has been in large-scale Airsoft battles.

With hundreds of thousands of subscribers to various channels and millions of views, the Airsoft community has taken no time to monopolize some of the most immersive and exciting sports footage around. The majority has been filmed using the Sportsman Mount and the quality of the product is demonstrated beautifully.

Next up, we’ll go over the Picatinny GoPro mount options. Available in standard and cantilever, these mounts allow users whose guns have a weaver rail or picatinny to mount their GoPro action cameras directly, utilizing the quick release attachment which comes standard with the GoPro camera.

The mounts slide over the picatinny or weaver rail and are typically fastened utilizing a set screw to prevent slippage and allow camera stability while shooting.

Improving on the stability and ease of use by utilizing the picatinny rail has made this a viable option for any sportsman, especially for any in the competitive shooting field, who use AR platform rifles as a primary shooting tool.

Other products on the market such as sticky pads you can mount your camera on may be cheaper, but you feel the cost when your prized footage is frustratingly shaky.

Even when running through rough terrain and firing automatic rifles, the quality of stability on the picatinny mount is truly in a league of its own.

GoPro Mounts in a Nutshell

From their first mountable cameras on mountain bike helmets, GoPro and GoPro enthusiasts have always made it their mission to allow athletes to relive their most exciting moments.

For us, the clincher is the capacity to mount two cameras and utilize the standard quick attach system allowing viewers to be as close to the action as if they were actually there.

Not only that, but these accessories can push you to be the best hunter or angler you can possibly be.